Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nymphenburg Palace and Park and Amalienburg

We spent the better part of the day out at the Nymphenburg Palace, one of a dozen or so palaces and castles of the Wittelsbach family, who ruled Bavaria for 700 years.

Of course, we ran into a wedding

Nymphenburg, the main building--actually it is a huge
ellipse all around the lake

Main hall

How paintings get restored; how chiropractors get clients

Royal bed-chamber

Queen's bed-chamber, original furniture, where Ludwig II
(Loonie Ludwig) was born

Part of the Hall of Beauties--Ludwig I had
portraits done of 40 contemporary women
he regarded as great beauties (no word on
what the Queen thought of this)

My great achievement of the day was
locating and photographing the portrait of
Lola Montez, in the Hall of Beauties, with
whom Ludwig I had an affair that brought
down his government and forced him to
resign; Lola went on to America and was
a famous personage in the American Wild
West (I speculate: the character of Lillie 
von Schtupp, in Blazing Saddles, is based, 
um, loosely, on her)

Nymphenburg Palace from the gardens

The Amalienburg, the Queen's hunting lodge

A bit of the interior

All solid silver, of course

The kitchen, beautiful tile-work

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