Wednesday, August 4, 2010


And one day we took the bus out to Hellbrunn, the Prince/Archbishops' summer palace a few miles from Salzburg. It is notable for its "trick fountains"--sort of a 17th century water park--everyone gets a splash. At least one of the Prince/Archbishops had a sense of humor.
The main hall of the Hellbrunn Palace

Beginning of the trick fountains: the Archbishop's dinner

To some it's actually a surprise

Grotto--lots of them--of St. George killing
the dragon

Water-powered minitature city with 160 moving figures

17th-century trick fountain control-panel;
"pay no attention to that man at the control 

Another scene from Sound of Music, the "conservatory"
scene, was filmed at Hellbrunn; Vicki is singing "I am 62,
going on 63..."

We next visited the folk museum, up the hill on the
Hellbrunn estate

Looking back to Salzburg and the fortress

And the Hellbrunn palace

Silly folk hats in the museum; did my
forebears wear one of these?!

And a bit of theology

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