Monday, May 31, 2010

Sagle Scenes

A flotilla of ducks paddles down the river early every
morning; "flotilla" is not the right word; for ducks, unlike
a geese gaggle, you have to choose among a badling or a
waddling or a paddling or a team, a flush, a raft or a flock,
none of which works for me; I propose a quackilla of ducks

Outside the Ace in Albeni, ID; unfortunately (like the iPad)
you can't actually make a call from the cell phone stun gun

The give-away bin at the Dufort Road trash dump in Sagle
--the best-organized trash and recycling center I have yet
seen, anywhere; seriously; plus, they have a sense of humor

Just down the road from Bob and Beth's place; I'm sure
these neighbors are really very nice people, once you get
to know them, perhaps while they're re-loading; perhaps
they have a sense of humor, too

The Library at Sandpoint, where I hung out a bit; nice
collection, very ample technology, friendly, helpful staff,
free wifi everywhere, always crowded

Among my less successful projects in Sagle
was home-brewing some ginger beer from a
kit Vicki had bought in the UK of GB; the
plastic beer bottles I used didn't explode,
but they did expand considerably; when
opened, about half the mixture fizzed away;
the rest was undrinkable sediment-laden
ginger-flavored glop; I'll stick to store-
bought in the future

But the hummingbirds liked it (it's heavily sugared);
strangely, they all went away after I started using Splenda
(that's a joke, son)

Me modeling wedding suits at our storage unit back in
Missoula (thanks again Tammi, Bruce, and Luke); it's a
long story, and no, we were not having fun yet

Sagle is just a few miles up the road from the very popular
Silverwood amusement park, in Athol ("that's a myth";

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