Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada from Granada

Higher up on the west side

At the pass, about 4,000 feet

Looking back from the east, still up high

In the high valley east of the mountains


We cross a hill, see a flash in the distance,
and then this large fire; never did find out
what it was about

Castle in the valley foothills

Forest of windmills encroaching another white town

We have crossed the California Sierra Nevada mountain range many times, even climbed Mt. Whitney way back in 1972. They are much higher, larger, more rugged than their namesake, The Sierra Nevada here in Spain. In winter especially, the Sierra Nevada are an impressive brilliant white backdrop for Granada, and seeing them we decided to risk crossing them en route back to the coast near Almeria. It was a gorgeous drive, superb highway, not all that much snow really, and none on the road. The terrain east of the mountains was equally interesting.

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