Saturday, July 11, 2009


Geiranger on the Geirangerfjord; we drove down the
mountain, still in a white-out, Friday mid-morning,
slowly, deliberately, in 1st gear all the way, then
stopped at Camping Geiranger, right on the fiord

It rained the rest of Friday and was cloudy enough Saturday
to discourage the fiord cruise, so we spent the day cleaning
the camper, doing chores, etc.
Grey Wanderer is smack in the middle

About all there is to do in Geiranger is watch the cruise
ships come and go
Some debark and stay a while, some just turn around and
leave for the next fjord

Me fjishing in the fjord; actually, me instructing Vicki on
framing the shot to include my head, fishing pole, fjord,
etc; she was laughing so hard I am surprised the picture
is in focus; so confident is she of my fishing skill that she
has promised to gut, clean, cook, and eat any fish I catch

Inscription on an RV parked near us: "Dream not your life, 
live your dream"

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Carole said...

Guess you fishing skills are hereditary. Dad never caught much either.