Saturday, June 6, 2009


The Holsten Gate at Lubeck

Interior of the Marienkirche in Lubeck, where Buxtehude played; the organ is still the world's largest mechanical organ

Plaque commemorating Bach's visit to hear Buxtehude; Bach almost lost his job by over-staying his leave

Niederegger is perhaps Germany's most famous marzipan shop...five floors including museum; yum

Just in case your Michelin map is a bit dated, it's helpful to know that Waghemansstrasse was changed to Wahm Strasse in 1460

Wednesday morning we took the Grey Wanderer back to the Mercedes dealership for repair. They told us it would take until mid-afternoon, so, equipped with some complimentary bus tickets, we headed for the Altes Stadt, the old city, to do the sight-seeing for which we came here.

Old Lubeck is an island in the river Trave, a very old city, capital of the Hanseatic League in its time. It sustained some damage in the war, but enough remains and enough has been restored for the entire old city to be designated a World Heritage Site. Most of the old stuff is 14th or 15th century, but some goes back to the 13th. It is a beautiful place, much of it pedestrianized, a great place to just wander. The pix above represent some of our walk about town.

Later in the afternoon we picked up the camper and greatly stimulated the local economy, far more than we had intended or wanted. It is hard to know what is reasonable...different place, different currency, dealing with Mercedes and not an auto glass dealer. Oh well. We continued our grocery shopping at Citti and later returned to our campsite, on the river, at the Congress of Music.

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