Saturday, June 6, 2009

Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

Sehestedt, Germany, founded 1282

Sehestedt's restaurant/hotel/beer garden

The church in Sehestedt

The historical museum (alas, it was closed)

A tall ship plies the Ostsee/Nordsee Canal, which links the North Sea and the Baltic...goes right through Sehestedt (school kids take the cross-canal ferry home for lunch, and back to school)

Thursday we departed Lubeck and headed north into Schleswig-Holstein en route to Denmark. We stopped in Sehestedt, on the Ostee-Nord Canal to take pix for Rachel's partner Will Sehestedt. It is a beautiful little hamlet, very well cared for, the Canal was full of traffic, including tall ships and the ferry, and we took a number of pix for Will and his family. 109 to be exact. After lunch we drove on, entering Denmark about 3PM. We thought we'd explor Havesled, but, by 5PM, the whole town appeared closed, sidewalks rolled up, so we drove on to a rest area near Kolding, where we spent the night.

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