Wednesday, May 6, 2009


At the Waterford Crystal visitor center; unfortunately, the clock was too big for our RV

More Waterford

Outside Waterford, more to my taste: the Bulmers brewery vat farm...humongous

Monday we slept in again, and awoke to rain and cold...temperatures overnight were in the forties. During a lull in the rain, we took down the tent, ate, showered, and packed for more travel. Our sight for the day was Waterford and the Waterford Crystal works. Waterford Crystal has fallen again—only the visitor center is open now, no factory tours (no factory), bought by Americans, future very uncertain. I predict Waterford Crystal will be made henceforth in Viet Nam, until the labor there becomes too expensive. The visitor center displays were impressive, but one could not help feeling in a tomb. We did a bit to stimulate the local economy—in this case, funds for a sunk, not sinking, ship—took some pix, and moved on, up the road to Cahir, where we are spending the night in the neatest and most unusual campground we have yet seen.

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