Saturday, May 16, 2009

Old Bushmill's

Ireland's oldest (well, Northern Ireland's oldest), chartered in 1608

The sweet smell of the mash was, well, intoxicating

Great spirituality

Comparable to Jameson's, gift-shop-wise

Drinking is my sole spiritual experience these days, but I am at least ecumenical in my drinking. And so we had to visit the Old Bushmill's Distillery while in Bushmill. The campground was practically adjacent to the distillery.

Many of you will be wondering what has been my assessment of the four great Irish whiskeys, Jameson's, Paddy's, Power's, and Bushmill's. I have indeed sampled them all, some more than others. I still favor Jameson's and Bushmill's, as before coming to Ireland. But I also sampled a boutique whiskey, Michael Collins, in Dublin, and it was by far my favorite. In any case, I have to plead insufficient sampling so far.

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