Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Retired At Last!

Jamie Doggett


Vicki with Jeff Gritzner and Alan Weltzien

Friday, March 13, I finally joined the ranks of the homeless and the unemployed. Humanities Montana, my former employer, honored me with a very nice reception in Missoula. I am not sure how many were in attendance, but there were enough to impress and gratify me, particularly those who drove long distances on mid-March Montana roads. I only regret there was not enough time to speak with each and every one. So many good memories, so many proud moments together. I am particularly indebted to Ken, Kim, Ken, and Clair at Humanities Montana for putting on such a good show. [Thanks for the pix, Ken]. And I am especially indebted to a special person, Jamie Doggett, Montana humanities goddess and legend, who hosted the affair. It was so good to see her again and to hear about all our mutual friends.

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Special K said...

UPS should have the pictures to you tomorrow afternoon :-).

~ Ken Stolz, Humanities Montana